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Community Survey

Take our community survey today!

NASA Lifelines is committed to enhancing the integration of Earth sciences in humanitarian efforts worldwide. We invite humanitarians and earth scientists to participate in our community survey. We define these fields broadly – if you work for an organization which addresses any aspect of humanitarian response, or are a researcher or scientist working with earth observation or environmental data, this survey is for you.
Your responses will help NASA Lifelines understand the current landscape of earth science-humanitarian partnerships and shape our initiatives moving forward. You do not need to be familiar with NASA Lifelines initiatives to participate in this survey.
Estimated completion time: 10 minutes

Survey Overview:
Engagement with NASA Lifelines: Tell us if and how you’ve interacted with our initiatives.
Partnerships: Explore your current collaborations within the humanitarian and Earth sciences sectors and identify opportunities for enhancing these partnerships.
New Innovations: Discuss any novel Earth science applications or data innovations with direct humanitarian impacts that you are working on.
Familiarity with earth observation data: Evaluate your understanding and use of Earth observation data and NASA assets in humanitarian applications.
Improved Humanitarian Response: Reflect on how Earth science data could enhance your organization’s humanitarian response capabilities.

Community Survey