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The LifelinesIDEA

At NASA Lifelines, we prioritize inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility, or IDEA, because these principles are essential to achieving our mission and integral to our program design and success.
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Inclusivity means giving everyone an opportunity for meaningful participation and can bring their whole selves into these processes.

For example, reaching out through networks that don’t typically see themselves within the humanitarian nor the Earth Science communities, including those on the frontlines of crises. It means we welcome input and feedback on our programs and adjust them to better serve the NASA Lifelines community.

Shared VisionConnected | Valued

These are just a few examples of how NASA Lifelines strives to be a community where everyone can feel connected, valued, and able to carry out our shared vision for more efficient and effective humanitarian response powered by Earth Science. Everyone in the NASA Lifelines community shares the responsibility and opportunity for embracing our commitment to creating a more diverse, equitable, accessible and inclusive environment and programs.

Prioritizing IDEA is not only the humanitarian thing to do; it will make our innovation and science stronger and more impactful.
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