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Our muralists

Jamie Bonfiglio

Jamie Bonfiglio is a self-taught visual artist and
muralist whose work is characterized by its vivid
colors, bold brushstrokes, and dynamic
compositions. Born in New York City and raised in
Mobile, AL, Jamie developed a passion for art at a
young age. From never having painted before, to covering 30ft
walls with portraits and story-telling, Jamie’s work
has found a home with art collectors all over the
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Joel Bergner

Joel Bergner is a community artist whose large-scale murals can be found in 30 countries across 5 continents, painted in his signature style combining intimate portraits of local residents, vibrant color palettes and small details created by dozens of participants. His work weaves smoothly between realism with an urban art sensibility and the raw expressions of children’s art. Joel leads social projects in world’s most vulnerable communities, from Syrian refugee camps to American prisons; the favelas of Brazil to an orphanage in South Africa. In each project, he guides participants through the process of exploring critical issues they face through collaborative art-making.

Waleed johnson

Waleed is a figurative painter from Detroit’s east side. People, in particular people of color, inspire him, and are the subject of his work. His work ranges from oil paintings on canvas to large scale murals. His murals can be found in many cities throughout the state of Michigan and beyond. His work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions in cities throughout the Midwest, published in the National Review of African American Art, and can be found in various private collections
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Christian Green

Christian Green, also known as C3 Art, artwork draws a fine line between realism and abstract creating timeless pieces to be enjoyed by onlookers. The Tennessee State University graduate creates pieces with precision that commands the attention from anyone who happens to stop and take note of his work. Christian Green exemplifies the intersection of art and community in the city of Nashville. His work not only enriches the visual landscape but also serves as a testament to the strength found in embracing diversity through the universal language of art. Quiet by nature, Christian allows for his art to do the talking and the viewer to make their own personal interpretations of his work.

Lee & Sheri Hay

Lee and Sheri began their artistic collaboration in 2011, united by a passion for the ocean and nature. Their artwork, known for its bold colors and flexible style, completes any corporate or personal space. Their pieces have garnered attention, having been signed by celebrities and auctioned for a variety of charities and causes. As their reputation has grown, so has the scope of their brand’s style and product. They have showcased and sold their fine art at prestigious art festivals and galleries and have left their mark with murals on an international scale, all managed from their New Orleans studio.