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Asset 26fellowship program

Fellowship Program

Program Occurrence

twice a year

Term duration

6 months



Next opportunity

Nov. 2024

What is the goal?

To provide young scientists opportunities to connect with impactful organizations, build their networks, and advance applications of Earth and social sciences toward better humanitarian decision making.

wHO SHOULD apply?

Graduate students (or recent graduates who have defended a thesis or dissertation) who are interested, passionate, and/or experienced in the humanitarian or Earth science fields.

How can you get involved

Take a look at the calendar below to see when future Fellowship cohorts will launch, and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out!


Reach out to us at [email protected]

Fellowship Calendar

The NASA Lifelines Fellowship program offers graduate students tailored opportunities to engage across the Lifelines program ecosystem and apply their skills in data and social sciences towards real-world issues. Over the course of a 6-month term, fellows will influence Lifelines program design, cultivate Lifelines community, and explore the possibilities of Earth science in the humanitarian sector through research partnerships and capacity building opportunities
Check out the program descriptions for roles we have hired in the past to learn more about the program, expectations and requirements
We are currently accepting applications for the Summer/Fall ’24 NASA Lifelines Fellowship term which is targeted to run from May 20th – Nov 29th. If you are interested in applying, please take the following steps and submit your application by April 3rd.

From the options below, select the role you are interested in applying for to download and review the role description and application instructions.
humanitarian simulation Fellowship

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Community Tools: Data Series Fellowship

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Communications Fellowship

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Earth Observation Ontologies Research Fellowship

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Have questions about the Fellowship program?
Email [email protected]

Asset 27humanitarian-wayfinders

Humanitarian Wayfinders

Join our annual Humanitarian Wayfinders program to help guide diverse humanitarian efforts and innovate with real-world solutions. Apply yearly in October.
Asset 26fellowship-program

Fellowship Program

Explore the NASA Lifelines Fellowship Program for graduate students interested in Earth and social sciences. Apply biannually for transformative six-month virtual roles.
Asset 34ready-for-impact

Ready for Impact

Apply for the Ready for Impact program to scale your proven humanitarian innovations using Earth science. Annual showcase in Washington, DC each spring
Asset 33earth-science-review-board

Earth Science Review Board

Join the Earth Science Review Board to receive or provide expert guidance on integrating satellite data for humanitarian decisions, open year-round
Asset 31speed-dating

Supper Clubs

Join Lifelines Supper Clubs to engage in impactful discussions on Earth Science and humanitarian action in your community. Open to leaders from various sectors year-round
Asset 32speed-dating

Scientist Speed Dating

Join Scientist Speed Dating to collaborate on interdisciplinary Earth Science projects that address global humanitarian challenges. Biannual events in Spring & Fall, virtual or in DC
Asset 30humanitarian-simulations

Humanitarian Simulations

Participate in NASA Lifelines Humanitarian Simulations to explore integrating Earth science in crisis management. Biannual events in Spring & Fall, available virtually and in DC
Asset 35mural-contests

Mural Contests

The NASA Lifelines Mural Contest aims to transform public spaces with art that communicates the impact of Earth science. Annual events every summer, across multiple cities