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Mural Contest

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What is the goal?

The Mural Contest makes science accessible and impactful by creatively communicating Earth sciences’ benefits while centering the needs of vulnerable communities.

Who should get involved?

Local artists, community organizations, municipal governments, local property owners and passionate community members,

Why it matters

Art is a powerful and impactful storytelling mechanism that can highlight powerful stories and the local voices behind them to make science more accessible. 


Want to see the Lifelines mural contest in your hometown? Tell us where you would like to see one! Email us at [email protected]
Over the next six years, the NASA Lifelines Mural Contest will engage local artists and communities to create murals in cities around the world that shed light on the ways satellite data and tools are helping communities become more resilient. From disaster preparedness and response to clean drinking water availability to pandemic preparedness, communities are using Earth science to inform local decision making. In partnership with local artists and leaders, these murals showcase communities and humanitarians at the forefront of innovation.

Congratulations to this year’s selected muralists!

Muralists Group graphic

Have questions about the Mural Contest?
Email us at [email protected]

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Humanitarian Wayfinders

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Fellowship Program

Explore the NASA Lifelines Fellowship Program for graduate students interested in Earth and social sciences. Apply biannually for transformative six-month virtual roles.
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Ready for Impact

Apply for the Ready for Impact program to scale your proven humanitarian innovations using Earth science. Annual showcase in Washington, DC each spring
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Mural Contests

The NASA Lifelines Mural Contest aims to transform public spaces with art that communicates the impact of Earth science. Annual events every summer, across multiple cities