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Speed Dating

Scientist speed dating

Program Occurance


Program Occurance

Spring & Fall


Satsummit in Washington, DC & Virtual

Key Dates

in person at SatSummit 2024

Upcoming opportunities

Join NASA Lifelines at Sat Summit 2024 for a special session of Scientist Speed Dating!

When: May 17th 2024, 9:00-10:00 am ET
Where: Washington DC (More details provided upon registration)

In the session, participating experts will receive guidance from humanitarian representatives as to what challenges are most pressing for their missions, along with crucial context and constraints that the scientific community would need to come up with effective, application-ready research ideas through cross-disciplinary collaboration.

This is the first of many Speed Dating sessions that we will be hosting, stay tuned for upcoming opportunities!

Note: to attend the in person scientist speed dating in Washington DC you must first register for the SatSummit Conference >

What is the goal?

Provide critical funding and networking so scientists can prioritize applied, interdisciplinary research for humanitarian outcomes.


Humanitarians looking to address challenges with earth science.
Scientists seeking collaborators to work on applied research projects.

How can you get involved

Humanitarians can contribute their ideas for our collaborative research learning agenda, and Scientists can sign up to get notified for the next event and launch of Lifelines Connect tool to meet other collaborators.

Why it matters

Only diverse teams of experts working together with humanitarians and affected communities can prioritize meaningful research that addresses the range of issues communities face today.

Scientist Speed Dating will provide opportunities for funding of efforts that may otherwise not have resources – experimental, limited financial returns, outside of typical partnerships/programs. It will improve the potential impact of earth sciences by “teaming up” and aligning long-term objectives. Scientists need to have better access to others’ expertise in order to make progress on challenging, systems level overlapping crises

Have questions about Scientist Speed Dating?
Email [email protected]