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We are increasingly aware that putting science out into the world is not enough. We need to understand how this knowledge can be helpful to people on the ground, how satellite data and models can be even more useful, and what additional questions and needs surface as a result. NASA Lifelines exists to bring experts from different sectors, disciplines, countries, and backgrounds together to use our incredible assets in space to improve life here on Earth. We recognize that working alongside humanitarians and affected communities, we can make the right impact sooner than later.
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Humanitarian Crises Require

Systems Thinking

Environmental, social, and economic systems, and the related community indicators of success from job security to health and wellbeing to connection to land, are all dimensions that can be observed and modeled using Earth science. These are the foundational elements of community resilience and areas where improved humanitarian information is needed.

What Does
Mission Accomplished

Look Like?

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Community of 2000+ Experts
Dozens of Collaborations
60+ New Innovations

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Faster, data-supported
decision-making for

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the most remote and
hard-to-reach communities
accounted for



A Human-Centered Design Approach

An inclusive, human-centered design (HCD) approach is worth the extra time invested to engage stakeholders to ensure content and activities lead to sustainable and equitable outcomes.

Prioritizing the Next Generation of Humanitarians

Prioritizing engagement with students and early career scientists who are eager to work on humanitarian challenges will lead to more collaborations, research, and impact over the course of their careers.

Redefining Collaboration with Action

Bringing people together in action-oriented, mission-driven activities will help build lasting connections across diverse communities of stakeholders.

Create Lasting Change with Lifelines

The principle of humanity calls for human suffering to be addressed wherever it is found, with particular attention to the most vulnerable. Lifelines will reflect community priorities by addressing issues that impact the most vulnerable, helping to ensure no one is left behind.

Empowering Communities to Grow Together

Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) are at the heart of our community. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone benefits from opportunity, mutual respect, and a sense of belonging.

Make an Impact by Sharing Knowledge

To be a lighthouse example for others, document key decisions, approaches and results in a transparent and accessible way. 

Connecting People to Solve the Biggest Challenges

Being creative, having fun, and experimenting are important parts of the journey and understanding new ways to connect people and solve the hardest problems.

A vibrant, representative
community of communities.

NASA Lifelines advances diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (IDEA) through all our programming as well as our engagement strategies and management decisions. Our human centered design focus works in tandem with our commitment to IDEA.