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Asset 30humanitarian simulations

Humanitarian Simulations

Compete, Innovate, and Inspire

Launching: 09/2024

What are the Lifelines Humanitarian Simulations?

Our Humanitarian Simulations are global competitions that will take place in both 2024 and 2026 with a theme sponsored by one of our Humanitarian Wayfinders. Teams will compete to find new and innovative solutions to humanitarian challenges with a focus on how earth science and technology can be leveraged to improve humanitarian efforts. Themes for the simulations will be chosen by our Wayfinders, but illustrative examples include a “where’s waldo: a search and rescue mission” or “food drop from space: a supply chain mission.” Winners will be invited to pitch at Ready for Impact with a Wayfinder endorsement. 

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Asset 27humanitarian-wayfinders

Humanitarian Wayfinders

Guidance from Experience

Asset 26fellowship-program

Fellowship Program

Emerging Leaders Bridging Science and Impac

Asset 34ready-for-impact

Ready for Impact

Funding the Next Generation of Solutions

Asset 33earth-science-review-board

Earth Science Review Board

Shaping Humanitarian Investments with Expert Guidance

Asset 31speed-dating

Supper Clubs

Bringing Experts to the Table for Humanitarian Impact

Asset 32speed-dating

Speed Dating

Connecting the Best Minds for the Most Difficult Challenges

Asset 30humanitarian-simulations

Humanitarian Simulations

Compete, Innovate, Inspire.

Asset 35mural-contests

Mural Contests

We are now accepting applications from artists in Washington D.C., St, Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, and Nashville. Applications must be submitted by end of day Thursday, February 15th. Download the call for artist below to learn more about contest requirements.